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Ellen at NAPO2017
Ellen Faye – NAPO2017


Sharing with you all the NAPO blog post of the week.  I wrote it for NAPO about my volunteer experience.  It’s a good update about everything I’ve been doing over the past couple of years.

Volunteering Fuels Growth and Development

The theme this month of NAPO’s blog is Personal Growth and Development. What an excellent opportunity to share how volunteering with NAPO enables me to grow and develop as a business professional, a leader, and a human being.

Having just completed my two year term as NAPO President, I can tell you that I worked very hard and dedicated a lot of time to the position, however, there is no doubt in my mind that I received so much more than I gave. And I can say the same thing about many of my NAPO volunteer leadership positions. Serving six years on my chapter board, serving twice as Conference Chair, and serving as a Board member were fulfilling and enabled me to become the person I am today.

It’s always easy to speak holistically, and that matters. But specifically I can tell you that because of NAPO and volunteering with NAPO the following skills have been honed:

Business Skills:
• Technology – not sure I would have prioritized learning these for myself, but because of my many volunteer positions I now can and do regularly use Canva, Constant Contact, QuickBooks, PayPal, Doodle, Join.Me, Google Voice & Google Docs (thanks Kim!), GoTo Webinar, not to mention my high level understanding of search engine optimization, web design, and database packages.
• Productivity – yes, productivity. It’s different dealing with a hundred people than 5 or 10. On a typical day as President I’d receive over 200 emails that needed to be managed. I had to develop new systems to handle the volume. Now my email and task management seminars are much more applicable to large teams.
• Marketing – Google Ads, Facebook Ads, branding, design, messaging, and creating marketing plans.
• Speaking – conferences, chapter visits, speaking to the media, leading meetings, speaking to a 600 person audience – all cake and totally fun!

Leadership Skills:
How to:
– engage volunteers
– manage differing opinions to a win-win outcome
– plan strategically
– delegate effectively

The value of:
– working to consensus
– staying in integrity
– leading from essence – which spring-boarded into a teaching tool and a book I should be writing soon:

Better Knowing of Self – the value of which is priceless:
• Confidence to trust my instincts
• Clarity that my ideas are visionary and not just fleeting thoughts
• Finally understanding my purpose in the world is to be a leader

I know I will continue to grow and develop as I embark on future opportunities. It’s a part of who I am. And I will always be grateful to NAPO and all of our members for this opportunity to become my best self. I look forward to many further growth and development opportunities as I wind-down from this amazing experience. I assure you I’m not going far. I have another year on the NAPO Board as Immediate Past President. And after that, seriously, I can’t imagine life without some kind of volunteer involvement with NAPO.

Looking forward to working with you as a NAPO volunteer!

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A Successful Leader’s Secret Sauce – Productivity Isn’t Just Calendars & Task Apps


Be a More Productive Leader
A leader can’t skip the details.”


Another article for me with CNBC’s Leadership blog!

My first career, prior to being a Professional Organizer and then Productivity Consultant and Coach, was in the hospitality industry in 4 and 5 star hotels.  As a fledgling Front Office Manager I quickly learned the value of organized systems. When my desk clerks, concierge, bell staff, phone and reservations teams knew exactly “what to do and how to do it” they could focus on the Customer Experience. The rote parts of their job were on autopilot. They were empowered to SERVE the guest.  And what’s so fascinating about that – this was the precise reason they wanted to be in the hotel business in the first place – because they got pleasure from offering a first-class guest experience.  Mistakes and errors were minimized. And our guests noticed.  The #1 Zagat rating for customer service proved that out.

So what is that secret sauce? It is providing a work environment that supports the team to do the job they’ve been hired to do. As their leader it was my job to advocate to ensure there was enough staff, great systems and processes, and super support. After that, the rest was cake!

Fast forward a few decades… productivity isn’t just about calendars and task apps. A good leader builds strong and solid foundations. A good leader empowers their team with information and support so they can deliver on the value proposition and brand promise. A good leader ensures that systems are in place. And when systems are in place…then simply…. the team is productive.


Productivity and Leadership


Be a More Productive Leader
Be a More Productive Leader

Dear patient readers…

I know I’ve been absent for a while as your Tuesday morning message sender/blogger.  Most of you know that for the past two years I’ve served as volunteer President of the most fabulous 3500+ member, non-profit, education based national association ever (NAPO.net.) To say that I dedicated much of my free time to NAPO would be an understatement – but it was all incredibly gratifying and worthwhile. I grew and learned in ways that one could never imagine.

Most specifically I became very clear on how critical good leadership is to productivity and how critical good productivity is to leadership; this is the direction in which I plan to take my business next.  My term ends next Monday and I had planned to resume blogging shortly thereafter.  But as luck would have it I was contacted by the Leadership Editor at CNBC last week and he published the article below yesterday. This is the perfect way to launch my next chapter with you.


and a nice quick video: http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000616286

Looking forward to sharing my weekly tips with you regularly, and stay  tuned for my updated website coming soon.