10 Minute Goal Setting

Do you have goals?

Of course you do, but perhaps the question should be, “What are your goals doing for you?” If they are simply floating around in your head, they are probably just frustrating you, but if you take the time to do something with your goals, they can enrich your life.

Many people say they don’t use goals because it seems so complicated. Not so. Using goals to shape your life more the way you want it is really quite easy. Take ten minutes and you are on your way to accomplishing the things in your life that are most important to you.

Before you begin, it is important to review a few key terms relating to Goal Setting. A goal is an action statement that reflects a desired outcome. Life areas are areas you consider important in the balance of your life, i.e.: business, self, family, and service. The term measurable means quantifiable through time, quantity, result, or concept.

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Spring is Garage Sale Time – NOT!

Reasons to have a garage sale:

  • You love interacting and/or haggling with people
  • You love being outside on a weekend
  • You want to support a neighborhood or organization’s sale

Reasons to donate instead:

  • You would rather make 2-4 times more money
  • You don’t want to spend 2 days setting up, one day working the sale, and one day dismantling and distributing the left-overs.
  • You would rather someone come take it all away for you or get it out right away
  • You are happy to support someone in need

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