Ellen Faye | Leveraging Productivity to Drive Leadership Excellence
Leveraging Productivity to Drive Leadership Excellence; Strategy, Focus, Success Process for Leaders, Boards, Executives, Entrepreneurs and Volunteers
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Leveraging Productivity To Drive Leadership Excellence

There is no playbook on how leaders can use productivity to lead their organizations. People assume that it’s a natural skill. Just like I wouldn’t assume you could sit down and play the piano without training and support, you shouldn’t assume that you can be productive or a strong leader without training and support.

I’ve learned many lessons from my clients:

  • I get it that changing productivity habits is hard, especially for my global creative, macro thinking, 50,000 feet clients
  • I know that even highly organized, methodical clients may need support to improve their systems, or they just may be so buried that they need an objective outside supporter to help them dig out and see the forest through the trees
  • I know that people think that to be effective productivity systems must be complex – and the truth is exactly the opposite. If it’s not easy . . . it’s not going to stick
  • When the leader isn’t productive, the team isn’t productive

Utilizing both my coaching expertise and my leadership and productivity skills, I offer many services to support my clients in getting their most important work done as efficiently and effectively as possible. At the core of this is my Strategy – Focus – Success process.


Consider your choices

Clarify your vision

Create a clear, concise, executable plan  

Monitor plan for opportunities and success


 Focus on crucial aspects of the plan

Build an feasible implementation timeline

Communicate deadlines and expectations

Ensure that systems are in place to drive completion


Produce at your highest level

Maximize profitability and resources

Lead your team to their highest potential

Lead yourself to your vision