Fees & Packages
Coaching Fees and Packages - designed to give you real results and support your success. Can you afford support? Can you afford not to?
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Fees & Packages

Working With You – To Support YOUR Success


A coaching relationship is a designed alliance to support you in closing the gap between where you are, and where you want to be.  It is both a skills building and integration process. Learning the skills is important, but integrating them effectively can be life changing.

    • LET’S FIX IT Coaching Intensiveprepaid at $350 – 2-hours of coaching (typically one 2-hour session)
      • Coaching to support your life. Topics can include how to manage your schedule, how to get your most important work done, how to get your tech set up, setting boundaries, tips for working from  home, leadership condundrums, business challenges, or what ever you need to manage the stress of today’s unknown
      • Two hours Coaching – one 2-hour session, or two 1-hour sessions – with summary notes
    • SOLUTIONS Package – $900 – 6-hours of coaching – prepaid at $300 per 2-hours of coaching (typically six 1-hour sessions over 2-3 months)
      • The Solutions Package is designed to help you optimize your productivity, effectiveness, and success
      • We will meet 6 times over the course of 2 to 3 months, addressing key issues and solutions so you can gain control of your work environment, productivity, and life
      • 6 one-hour coaching sessions with summary notes, check-in email access, and various tools and templates to drive your success
    • MASTERY Plan – $1680 – prepaid in one payment for 12 hours of coaching
      • The Mastery Plan is designed to help you learn and commit to implementing new structures and processes
      • Develop, hone, and solidify your skills and awareness to optimize your productivity and leadership effectiveness and/or support your business, professional, or personal success
      • We will meet 12 times over the course of 3 to 6 months, addressing key issues and solutions so you can gain control of your work environment, productivity, and life
      • 12 one-hour coaching sessions with summary notes, check-in email access, and various tools and templates to drive your success
    • On-going PEAK PERFORMANCE Plan – Solidify skills, habits, and processes for long-term success
      • The Peak Performance Plan is designed to continue your growth and development of skills and practices, and to help you be effective, efficient, and stress-free
      • This plan is available upon completion of the SOLUTIONS Package or MASTERY Plan
      • Coaching continues at your pace; prepaid at $300 per 2 hours of coaching
    • 1/2 day  – from $750
    • Full day – from $1400
    • Travel charges may apply
    • Customized packages are available to meet your specific needs
    • Phone Coaching/On-site Combo – Contact me for a customized package to provide you with optimum support
    • Team Coaching Programs – Support for work groups in areas including strength work, focus areas and priorities, goal setting, and action planning. Contact me for a customized pricing to provide you with optimum support

Please Note: to be most effective coaching takes time; it is a process. Just like it takes more than a couple workouts at the gym to see results, the same can be said about coaching. Commitment to the coaching process is key to your success.  Take my Coachability Self-test to see if coaching is right for you.

Strategic Planning Facilitation:

The right plan will make your year.  The wrong plan can have devastating ramifications. Investing in a good, solid, implementable plan is the most proactive action you can take.  While each organization and strategic plan is unique the following package will give you a feel for my rate range.  I will of course customize a package to meet your specific needs.

  • Strategic Planning Success Package – $5,000 + travel
    • Up to 6 hours pre-meeting planning; including conversations with key team members and development of customized Strategic Planning Map
    • 1.5 days Strategic Planning Facilitation customized to include as desired: mission review, core value identification and/or review, ideal member/market work, identification of goals, priorities and/or initiatives, and action plan and wrap-up
    • Ready-to-implement, completed Strategic Planning Map, delivered within one week of your Strategic Planning meeting
    • Optional one-hour leadership development workshop as part of the Strategic Planning program (various leadership and productivity topics)
    • 1 one-hour post planning meeting call to support integration

Nonprofit organizations are encouraged to contact me to see how we can work within your budget.

Keynotes, Workshops, and Sessions
  • Always customized to your specific needs.
Business Coaching for NAPO (Natl’ Assoc. of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) Members

Industry specific coaching for business start-ups, newer professionals, or those wishing to grow or re-envision their business. Learn more here: Business Coaching for NAPO Members 2020