Ellen Faye | Productivity Consultant - Leadership Coach: fees, programs and packages
Productivity Consultant - Leadership Coach: fees, programs and packages
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Fees, Programs and Packages

Working with you, the way you need

– –  on-site or virtually  – –

The following packages and programs are designed to give you real results and support your success.


I welcome the opportunity to prepare a proposal for you.  Consulting engagements can take the form of:

  • Regular weekly or bi-weekly meetings; typically 1/2 day or full day in duration to provide ongoing leadership and/or productivity support
  • Assignments lasting a a few days to weeks at a time for things such as systems audits, productivity training coupled with one-on-one support, or strategical planning implementation
  • Long-term assignments where I serve as a fractional/part-time COO, Executive, or Customer Experience On-site Trainer
On-Site Productivity Support
  • 3 hour and 6 hour sessions are available
  • Phone Coaching Packages – 4, 8, or 12 session packages available
  • Team Coaching Programs – Support for work groups in areas including strength work, focus areas and priorities, goal setting, and action planning
  • Spotlight Coaching Intensive – One day in-person coaching session, including one hour pre-planning call
  • On-site/Phone Coaching Combo – Customized package to provide you with optimum support
  • Please Note: to be most effective coaching takes time; it is a process. Just like it takes more than a couple workouts at the gym to see results, the same can be said about coaching. Commitment to the coaching process is key to your success.  Take my Coachability Self-test to see if coaching is right for you.
Strategic Planning, Facilitation, and Post Meeting Project Planning
  • half-day, full-day, and multi-day rates available
Keynotes, Workshops, and Sessions
  • Always customized to your specific needs