Business Coaching
Strategy, planning, and support for your success on your own terms.
business coach, business consultant, leadership coach, executive coach, productivity coach, Naples FL, SWFL
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Business Coaching

Strategic Planning

The right plan will make your year.  The wrong plan can have long-term ramifications. As Your Strategic Planning Facilitator I will guide your Board in creating the right plan. I will:

  • Ensure that your strategic planning process reflects organizational values, mission, and vision
  • Keep leadership focused on the mission during the strategic planning process
  • Organize your team’s input and ideas in real time and ensure that your team members’ voices are heard
  • Work with leadership to create and develop a strong, methodical, achievable strategic plan

Strategic Planning facilitation for nonprofits, associations, and small business.

“Laser focus on strategic goals drives success only when the strategic goals are the right ones.”  Ellen Faye
“The bottom line is that the bottom line has to always matter.”  Ellen Faye

Budget Planning and Impact Analysis

Understanding the financial implications of your decision is critical.  The big picture matters and financial impact must always be considered. And if you’re not a numbers person, or if you just want another perspective . . .

As your strategy consultant I can help with:

  • Financial modeling to forecast outcomes of various business and project opportunities
  • Revenue and expense review to ensure your operation is running as profitably as possible
  • Budgeting and forecasting support to add a fresh perspective and see new opportunities
  • Pricing strategy analysis to ensure best long-term results

Innovation & Change Management

Positive change occurs when the change is strategic and well planned.

As your Innovation/Change Management Facilitator, I will:

  • Support you in developing a positive culture of change where team members feel safe taking risks and it’s okay to make mistakes
  • Lead your team past the obvious and through the trees to do the hard work
  • Facilitate your team discussions to deliver viable, useful and relevant outcomes
  • Help your start-up identify an implementable plan based on alignment from all stakeholders
“Without space how can we ever grow.” Ellen Faye
“It doesn’t matter how good the plan is, without an implementation strategy all is for naught.” Ellen Faye

Implementation Support

The visionaries can envision and the analytical thinkers can analyze: however, meshing the two is easier said than done.  As a pragmatic visionary, I help leaders deliver plans for implementation success.

 As your implementation support consultant, I work with leadership to:

  • Create viable and achievable plans
  • Put the plan to paper ensuring that the strategic process moves forward
  • Develop implementation plans including timelines, areas of responsibilities, quarterly goals, and expected outcomes
  • Facilitate the implementation

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