Ellen Faye | Productivity Leadership Speaker for leaders, volunteers & boards
Ellen is a leader, productivity expert, & entrepreneur. She speak's from a place of knowing. Her teaching reflects what she has learned from her own volunteer leadership experiences and from working with clients on productivity challenges for the past 16 years.
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Inspiring Speaker

I am a leader, productivity expert, and entrepreneur.  I speak from a place of knowing. My teaching reflects what I have learned from my leadership experiences and from working with clients on organizing and productivity challenges for the past 16 years.

My unique blend of creative ideas, real-world experiences, and practical solutions will ensure your next program is motivating, informative, and fun!

Your audience will leave my presentations with both applicable takeaways and the motivation to implement them.

Ellen Faye's Ego Essence Leadership Continuum

Impactful Topics

  • Leadership:
    • Inspiring Your Inner Leader© – Build a culture of excellence based on Ellen’s Ego Essence Leadership Continuum
    • Stepping into Leadership© – Training for new/newer managers and emerging leaders
    • Fulfilling Leadership© – Inspire leaders and boards to  fulfill their responsibilities while feeling fulfilled from the work they do
    • Discover Leadership© – Motivate volunteers to step into leadership and have a gratifying, fulfilling, and worthwhile experience
  • Productivity:
    • Power Up Your Productivity – Implementable techniques for time, priorities, email, and getting your most important work done
    • Making Email Work For You – Manage your email so it doesn’t suck the life out of you
    • Getting it Done YOUR Way – Match productivity systems to your personality type
  • Business:
    • Creating Your Very Own Success Formula – Experiential workshop for creating a blueprint for life-balance and fulfillment
    • The Secret Sauce of the Customer Experience – Drive customer satisfaction with strong systems
    • The Magic of Motivation© – Inspire success through motivation
    • From Talent to Profit© – Empower entrepreneurs to turn their talents into profitable businesses

Ellen’s Speaker Promise

I promise to:
  • Deliver an engaging presentation that both inspires and educates
  • Invest the time to understand your audience; ensuring content meets your needs and experience levels
  • Provide both high level conceptual content for your big picture thinkers and specific tactics for your implementers
  • Ensure the time your team spends at the session is made up in increased leadership and productivity effectiveness many times over
  • Create the perfect keynote, workshop, concurrent session, or training series to fit your schedule, goals, and priorities
Discussion Time
Top Productivity Tips


  • I have attended dozens of conference sessions.  Yours is the BEST I have heard.  So filled with information.  Finally something new!
  • Best speaker of the year…presented tools and examples in a concrete and usable way…great content…this program makes me better…
  • Ellen presented timeless material and I walked away with several gems
  • This is one of the best workshops I’ve taken!  I totally embraced it!  Great presentation with very valuable information.
  • Ellen displayed an ease and warmth with the audience and held their attention with her knowledge, expertise, and pace.

Client Testimonials