Leadership Coaching
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Leadership Coaching

Coaching for Leaders

New situations, teams, peers, and opportunities can give both the emerging and seasoned leader pause.

As your coach I will partner with you to:

  • Build awareness of your leadership competencies
  • Identify concrete actions to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses
  • Discuss approaches to creating a culture of excellence
  • Create a framework for effective decision making
  • Support you through leader challenges
“Great leadership is a challenge. When the leader understands how to leverage resources and maximize opportunity, the challenge becomes motivating.” Ellen Faye
“Trying to lead without a strong foundation is like trying to drive a car without an engine.” Ellen Faye

Board Coaching

Build a framework for your board to do their best work.  Good intentions are simply not enough.

As your Board Coach I will partner with your board to:

  • Ensure your mission drives your plan and your plan inspires your stakeholders
  • Set clear expectations and clarify responsibilities
  • Ensure that meetings are meaningful, efficient, and effective
  • Create the foundation to do your best strategic work

Communication & Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a natural occurrence. People simply don’t always see things the same way.  When important decisions are on the table and there are differing opinions, conflicts may arise.  However, without differences best work is never accomplished.  Effectively channeling perspectives and opinions results in best outcomes.

As your coach I will partner with you to:

  • Build a culture of “safety,” so that team members can share openly
  • Hone your skills to lead effective discussions that empower your team to talk through problems and move into action
“Good productivity comes from good communication.” Crucial Conversations
“Thorough strategic understanding of all aspects of a growth plan greatly improves one’s probability of success.” Ellen Faye

Strategy & Growth Coaching

Without change and progress there is little growth. Without growth and adaptability the future may be bleak. However, saying “yes” to growth often comes with saying “no” to less important initiatives. Growth is a risk, and saying “no” to growth is a risk too.

As your coach I will partner with you to:

  • Provide a safe space for you to assess benefits and risks of new initiatives
  • Evaluate, anticipate, and overcome obstacles
  • Develop a tangible plan to share with stakeholders
  • Be confident to say “no” when needed

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