Put it Where You’ll See It

How many times do we mean to do something but forget?  The best of intentions don’t make it happen.  The brain is not designed to simply remember, it is wired to respond to cues.  Which of these cues can you use today?

I need to remember to take this with me:

  • Tape it to the door knob
  • Take it to front seat of the car now
  • Put it on top of your keys

I need to take this from one place to the next:

  • Put it in the middle of the doorway so you can’t leave the room without walking on it or stepping over it    Continue reading »

Password Isn’t A Game Show Anymore

Much has been written about password safety over the years, but with the recent hacking of my favorite app EVERNOTE it finally affected me. No information was stolen from Evernote files but Evernote did a automatic reset on all 50 million user passwords in what the company called “an abundance of caution.”

I’ve studied password security and am well aware that experts advise that you have different passwords for each and every site. I just counted and that means I would have to remember roughly over 150 passwords. Ha! Many experts also advise that you use special software to help you remember your passwords and that they are computer generated so no one can guess them.

And how many people in real life do this? Of the many many clients I’ve seen over the years I can say hardly any. What I see is that the clients use the same password, or version of the same password over and over again.    Continue reading »

Top 3 Tips to Maximize Working from Home

A lot has been written in the news about working from home. I understand why Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo has put an end to it for her company – a lot of people who say they are working from home, do everything but work. Working from home is a privilege I wouldn’t want to lose. Here are my top 3 tips for maximizing the opportunity:

  1. Outline a Daily Plan – Be clear in what you want to accomplish. Write out specifics identifying what you want to get done. It could be a part of one big project, or many little tasks – but write it down.
  2. Make a Daily Schedule – project how much time each item on your plan is going to take and plug it into a schedule. Don’t forget the time you need to let the repairman in or to pick up your child from school. When you see your day in black-and-white it will help you from frittering time away.
  3. Create Space – I’m a huge advocate for creating effective work space. You’ll need a clear space that isn’t cluttered with distractions that take you off your game. It could be a desk, a table or a big comfy chair – but be sure that you have room to spread out. I also suggest that you have a printer close by and basic office supplies (stapler, pens, highlighters, post-its, binder clips, etc.). It’s a huge time-suck to have to keep getting up for essentials.